CFEBA Fundraising Campaign Now Underway


How many lives could we save or change by bringing energy-related aid to those most in need? Statistics say there are approximately 1.3 billion people living in energy poverty around the world. For instance, due to lack of energy access, globally, an estimated 289,000 women die annually from complications from pregnancy and childbirth. Last year the Charitable Foundation of EBA (CFEBA) awarded a grant that provided medical Solar Suitcases for use in maternity health clinics in Tanzania.  This suitcase will increase the number of successful live births at night at these clinics from 3 a month to 60 a month! We want to do more to improve lives worldwide through energy related programs and we need your help!

Each year, CFEBA awards thousands of dollars in grants to provide energy access to those most in need.  The CFEBA relies exclusively upon tax-deductible donations to fund these grants. As a professional in the energy field, we invite and encourage you to support the worthy work of CFEBA through a personal contribution.  CFEBA maintains minimal overhead costs, thereby ensuring your donation directly benefits those in need of energy access.

Donating is easy!  Just follow this link to make your tax deductible donation today, or download the PDF form.  Individuals who contribute $50 or more will receive a ribbon at the EBA mid-year meeting.   Those who contribute $250 or more will receive recognition on the CFEBA website and those who contribute $500 or more will be listed in the Energy Law Journal and various Energy Bar Association publications.

Your financial contribution will enable CFEBA to enhance its ability as an energy charity to make an even greater difference nationally and globally.  Whether we consider persons with disabilities, low-income Americans in need of basic housing or the citizens of developing nations without access to proper health care, education or energy services, the CFEBA-supported projects listed below have enriched and even saved the lives of many.  Recently, for example, CFEBA provided grants to:

· Meals on Wheels, a nationwide charity, received a grant to fund a hybrid vehicle to decrease fuel expenses associated with meal delivery to seniors in a rural area of New York State.

· The Rebuild Center, a homeless shelter in New Orleans, LA, to install energy-efficient cooling and heating systems as well as appliances.

· Friends of Buea School for the Deaf, Inc. in Cameroon to fund electrical wiring and installation for the first floor of a dormitory.  The School enjoys a strong relationship with the Gallaudet University community.

Thank you for supporting CFEBA and allowing CFEBA to bring energy access to the most needy nationwide and abroad. 


Best regards,

Michael A. Stosser
President, CFEBA